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ResourcePharm is the one stop online directory resource portal for pharmacists, pre-reg pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, created to help you find pharmacy, clinical and drug information links.

We provide a convenient, one-stop access to a wide range of resources on topics such as the latest pharmacy news, clinical and drug information, pharmacy law and ethics, evidence-based medicine, public health and health promotion, pharmacy contract, patient counselling and much more.

We know that keeping track of the many useful pharmacy, clinical and drug information websites can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes these websites are quite far down in the search results which means having to crawl through many pages. ResourcePharm searches the internet regularly and adds useful links that we come across on our website. Unlike some search engines and directories we don’t use robots or software, we use humans!!!

ResourcePharm aims to help you find pharmacy, clinical and drug information links quickly and easily and from one reference point.

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